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Sales, Design & Installation

We can design and install all types of refrigerated systems to suit your businesses needs. We use durable, reliable and cost effective systems to ensure the best possible service. We can supply and repair all makes of commercial refrigeration which can be tailored to your requirements.

Whether for new or for older systems, our engineers with over 40 years experience can ensure all equipment will be fully managed with the correct parts and to Fgas regulatory standards and maintain efficient operation of the equipment.

Turner refrigeration offer a complete sales and installation package. Delivering competitive prices to all types of refrigerating systems with high quality delivery services. Different to many other and sometimes cheaper systems online, our systems not only can be assured reliability from us but can also be delivered, unpackaged, transported, installed and removal of the old equipment for safe disposal as part of the service.

Each new asset or any equipment being attended to and worked on will be added to the companys asset database. This will ensure all details of the system will be documented including its data, location, history and parts. Please see our Asset Database page for further details.

For all our Refrigerated systems, please go to our products page or contact us for any enquiries.


Air Conditioning

At Turner Refrigeration we aim to provide high quality equipment to domestic and commercial properties. We can supply, install and commission new wall mounted or ceiling mounted units to suit each individual room.

We can also re-position existing units to a new location and also carry out all repairs on any air conditioning system.

Our engineers have the expertise to install and service all types and sizes of air conditioning systems, as well as the ability to repair and maintain.

We ensure your air conditioning systems will work as efficiently as possible to save your business energy, money and overall time.

Recommended by us at Turner Refrigeration we work with and install Mitsubishi Heavy systems. The systems have the latest energy efficiency technology to deliver the best optimum climate control, all year round. These units are very efficient, yet operate quietly.

We undertsand the critical importance these systems have on your business and our highly experienced engineers ensure each system stays reliable.

Along with our service and maintenance packages, we can offer personally suited programmes to ensure the reliability of your systems and if ever repair work is needed our guaranteed same day service is included.


Cellar Cooling & Breweries

At Turner Refrigeration, we are the refrigeration specialists. We have a huge range of cellar cooling options.

Cellar Cooling units are ideal for beer or wine cellars in pubs, clubs, restaurants and all manner of bars. They work by forcing chilled air into an area (usually a cellar, but not exclusively) at the optimum temperature, where beverages are stored; whether it be beer barrels, wine by the bottle or soft drinks by the can. Cellar cooling systems can also be used to create the ideal conditions for holding fresh flowers and other chilled goods.

We can design, supply and fit high quality and efficient refrigeration equipment to any size of cellar or brewery, to ensure your beer and wine is stored at the correct temperature.


Ice Makers

At Turner Refrigeration, we are the refrigeration specialists.

We can supply and repair commercial ice machine makers. This is the perfect solution for delivering a reliable source of safe, fresh, hygienic ice every day. Whether you’re using the ice for food display or cocktails, this mains-fill machine works tirelessly to keep up with demand. We also have ice makers that are ideal for professional catering and drinks establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and event organisers. The generously-sized ice storage container makes access effortless. Easy to use, clean and maintain.


Service & Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance of your equipment is vital to ensure your systems are working efficiently and effectively. The most common cause of a system to breakdown is due to the lack of regular maintenance.

Our service and maintenance packages allow our engineers to thoroughly run, clean and test all equipment, ensuring all systems are running as efficiently as possible whilst preventing possible breakdowns. Overall, packages are designed to prolong the life of new or existing equipment as well as keeping running costs to a minimum.

All maintenance contracts can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and will be delivered using our vast knowledge, experience and now technology to deliver a great service.


– Our detailed Asset Database. To read more Click Here.

– Legal Fgas Regulatory checks

– Experienced engineers with over 40 years experience



Asset Database

All our refrigeration and air conditioning systems are added to our unique and personal asset database.

This database allows us to provide the appropiate information to our engineers for each asset installed and worked on, including its site location, data, history, parts, dates and order history. This results in greater efficiency and accuracy in preperation towards a job, ordering the right parts, and allowing better first time fix rates.

It also ties in with each service and maintenance contract to allow clients to receive detailed reports and certification.

Each asset is given a unique number and made visible via the correctly assigned sticker (shown on the right) to the unit.

Any future services, breakdowns, repairs or replacements are noted and are key to allowing a smooth, efficient and professional service by our engineers.




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